Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ave Maria Accommodation

Ave Maria Hostel – Bookings for 2012

Many people will be aware that we usually have a group of helpers staying in the Ave Maria hostel – this is budget accommodation with a cafeteria-style restaurant in the same building.  Following renovations in the winter of 2010-11, all bedrooms have full en-suite facilities, but they are small and you have to make up your own bed. 

We have 14 places for the week of the 2012 pilgrimage, and some were still remaining at the time of the Newsletter going to press. If you want to apply, please let your Head of Service know as soon as possible.  Any helper can apply, particularly those on a limited budget.  If you have a friend(s) with whom you want to share, that’s great; otherwise Sadie will organise shares depending on the rooms (doubles and triples) which we are allocated.

Including all meals, the daily cost will be 25Euros, although you actually only pay for the meals that you eat.  Including travel with Tangney Tours, the whole week of the Pilgrimage would cost about £550 travelling by plane or £460 by train.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pope Benedict XVI's 85th Birthday - Lourdes connection

On his 85th birthday (yesterday, 16 April 2012), Pope Benedict XVI, preached about two saints with strong connections with Lourdes. The first, Saint Bernadette is well known to us all, the second, is much less well known - Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. Saint Benedict Joseph Labre is the patron saint of pilgrims as he spent much of his life in pilgrimage. He is often invoked in Lourdes, although few will know why.

Here's a link to a brief report on Pope Benedict XVI's homily: