Saturday, 21 May 2016


The Guardian has published a very interesting set of interviews with people who have followed various vocations. One of these interviews is with two of very own CA priests: Fr Wilfrid McGreal, O.Carm (Prior in Faversham) and Fr Leonard Tatt (Southwark Archdiocese). The article compares the veterans and those who are starting in their chosen vocation. Read, here.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Holy Door of Mercy

In this Year of Mercy, many churches and pilgrimage sites have been asked by Pope Francis to open a Holy Door of Mercy. In the UK a number of Shrines associated with the CA have opened Holy Doors, including Walsingham; Shrine of Saint Jude, and all of the diocesan cathedrals. Do consider a visit!

In February 2016, the Bishop of Lourdes opened a Holy Door at Saint Michael’s gate entrance to the Sanctuary. Mgr Bill Saunders was out there to witness the ceremony, and has sent us some photos of this occasion, below:

For more information on the origins of the Holy Door and its purpose, please click here, or here.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Enid Price

We are sorry to report the death of Enid Price who has travelled to Lourdes as an Assisted Pilgrim in recent years and for many years as a nurse (at least 25!).
Please keep her family, friends, and Enid in your prayers.
May she Rest in Peace, and rise in glory!
Thanks to Andy Joyce for sharing this photo.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Congratulations to...

..Matt and Terri Betts on the birth of their daughter, Clara Eleanor Mary Betts who was born on 11 March.
..John and Jo Kelly on the birth of their daughter Rebecca Catherine Kelly, born on 22 February.
..Jenny and Ged Brumby on the birth of their son Daniel Johannes Maria on 22 February.
..Ciara and John Jackson, on the birth of their son Joseph George Jackson on the 10 February.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes

The following novena was recently published in Carmelite News and is from the National Shrine of Saint Jude. The novena to Our Lady of Lourdes is for nine days and starts today. Please view, here.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

John Lewis

Please pray for long-time CA helper John Lewis who sadly passed away this morning. John has been connected to Lourdes for many years, especially as a kind and good helper with the CA Pilgrimage, and on stage with the HNDL. Please pray for John, his family, his friends, and his wife, Merlyn.

May John rest in peace and rise in glory.


John Lewis' family have asked that in lieu of flowers, they would appreciate donations to Catholic Association Pilgrimage Fund in memory of John. You can donate to this cause via, or you can send your donation to Meryln Lewis at her home. Please email for the postal address if you would like to donate in this way. Thank you.

The funeral Mass for John Lewis will be held on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, 11 Feb 2016 at the Franciscan International Study Centre, Giles Lane. Canterbury  CT2 7NA.

Later  that day John will be cremated, then Merlyn will take his ashes to Lourdes where they will be placed in the C.A vault with his father Brian and his many friends.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Address from Pope Francis for Pilgrimage organisers

Carmelites from Britain, the Philippines and Poland took part in a gathering held in Rome in mid-January 2016 of those involved in the work of pilgrimage and shrine ministry. You can read the talk from Pope Francis on the Shrine of Saint Jude blog, here.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Marion van Terheyden

Please pray for long-time CA helper Marion van Terheyden who sadly died during an operation on Friday. Marion, her husband Rene, and many of her children and grandchildren have been connected to the CA Pilgrimage for many years. Her requiem Mass will be held on Wednesday 20th January at St Theresa Of Lisieux Church, High Lane, Stansted, Essex, CM24 8LQ. All Marion's CA friends are very welcome. 
May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Congratulations to...

..Hamish and Vanessa Reid, on the birth of their daughter Florence Maria Alanna Russell Reid on the 28th of December in London.
..Edmund and Mildred Page on the birth of their son, Christopher Jawar. Christopher was born on 12 January in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Timetable 2015

For those who cannot be with us this year and like to follow our Pilgrimage through prayer and a webcam, our timetable is below. Webcam is available, here:

Saturday August 22
1.30pm 3.00pm

Gathering Mass (St. Pius X Basilica)
Clergy Briefing
(Salle John XXIII in Information Centre)

Sunday August 23
International Mass. (St Pius X Basilica)
Torchlight procession 

Monday August 24

Procession to Grotto.
Penitential Service (St Pius X Basilica, far end)
Blessed Sacrament Procession 

Tuesday August 25
Excursion day
9.00am 9.00am
Mass. Northampton
Mass.  East Anglia (St. Joseph’s Chapel) 
Mass. British Carmelites (St.Patrick’s Chapel)
Mass. Stonyhurst. (Accueil St. Frai Lower Chapel)
Mass. Southwark / CA ( Notre Dame Chapel)
Mass. Portsmouth (Mgr. Theas)
Mass Clifton. Bartres

WednesdayAugust 26


Prayers with aps at the Baths.
Stations of the Cross. (high stations)
Stations of the Cross (prairie)
Glanfield(St. Bernadette Church, Grotto side)

Thursday August 27
10.30am 1.30pm
Anointing of the Sick (St. Pius X Basilica, centre)
Passage through the Grotto for aps
Thanksgiving Mass (St. Bernadette Church, Grotto side)

Friday August 28

Pilgrimage Mass (St. Joseph’s Chapel)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fr Damien Walne (1940 – 2015)

Please pray for Fr Damien Walne, who passed away today. He was a great stalwart of the CA Pilgrimage and was the Diocesan Director for Northampton Diocese for many years. He died today after a short illness. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. His full obituary is below.

Fr Damien was born 19 May 1940 at Rostrevor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. At the end of the Second World War moved to England – first of all to Norfolk where the Walne family farmed. Damien’s dad being the “black sheep” left farming to enter the Royal Navy in which he fought during the war captaining several vessels.

His dad retired early to be with his family when Damien’s brothers: Victor and Martin were born. The family then moved to Cambridge where Damien’s dad secured a teaching post. They became members of St. Lawrence’s parish where all three brothers served as altar boys for several years.

Attended St. Andrew’s RC Primary School before moving across the road (old site of the Perse School) after the 11+. Victor becoming Head Boy the year the school moved to its present site on Hills Road. Meanwhile his elder brother frittered away his time on sport, representing his school at cricket and hockey.

On leaving school Damien went into the bank, working for Barclays. Three years later he left to join ABC Cinemas…eventually booking the first of the Road Shows (i.e. Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments) around the Eastern Counties from Norwich.

A move then came to Cambridge where he was asked to look after and see to visiting artists who came to the Regal Cinema there for “One Night” stands still popular today in cinemas and theatres across the land.

Damien missed meeting the Beatles, preferring to watch the Varsity Match at Twickenham – the only time the group, which shortly became very famous, ever appeared in Cambridge.

Sensing the call to the priesthood for some time, but not believing that was what God wanted of him, Damien eventually took the step. Damien studied for the priesthood at Oscott College where at the age of 30 years he was ordained a priest.

His first appointment was at St. Augustine’s, High Wycombe (where the CA has held many AGM’s), His second appointment was at Our Lady’s Corby with Canon Galvin. His first appointment as parish priest was at Christ the King in Bedford until 1991. He then moved to Great Billing and Earls Barton, where he stayed until 2015.

Fr Damien was Diocesan Director for Northampton for many years, and worked closely with a number of pilgrims to make sure they had a week to remember. I particularly remember him letting me help promote the Northampton Pilgrimage to Lourdes when I lived in Aylesbury. He was always a perfect gentleman and would often ask after Terri and Joseph. We will miss him very much.

He was also a ghost writer for many autobiographies and a writer of poetry. He never talked about this side, but simply Google his name or visit a book store on-line, and you will see. 

In a recent interview, he said: “I feel nothing but gratitude for an interesting and varied life – for wonderful parents and grandparents, brothers, friends and the support of countless people in the parishes I have served, and most of all for the gift of the Priesthood.”

May he Rest in Peace and rise in glory!

Matt Betts

Thanks to the Parish of Great Billing who have an excellent biography of Fr Damien.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

AGM minutes - 2015

Annual General Meeting 2015 Minutes
7th February 2015, National Shrine of St Jude, Faversham

Chris Buller welcomed everyone to the meeting and led everyone in a prayer. He thanked Matt Betts and Fr Wilfrid McGreal for the hosting and organisation.

In Attendance were:

Matt Betts
Terri Betts
Chris Buller
Louise Child
Margaret Fielding
Simon Gallop
Nicole Gallop-Mildon
Bernadine Gregory
Richard Hargreaves
Anne Hoskins
Ciara Jackson
John Joyce
John Lewis
Merlyn Lewis
Theresa Mahon
Dail Maudsley-Noble
Patrick Maudsley-Noble
Nuala Mellows
Sr. Maureen McNally
Margaret Owen
Hugh Parry
Margaret Parry
Ann Reitchel
Shell Roca
John Sayer
Colette Sharrock
Chris Talbot
Chris Thorpe
Katy Thorpe
Sadie Vile
Dot Wade
Sylvia Walker
Tina Walker
Rebecca Warren-Heys
Sue Woodford
John Wynne-Jones
Mary Wynne-Jones

Secretary’s update

Dail Maudsley-Noble thanked everyone for a successful pilgrimage last year, before discussing full membership. She explained that there has been a significant increase in applications – during the pilgrimage week all application forms that were left in the Acceuil were taken and over 25 new members were presented with their insignia.

Dail also spoke of the positive comments that she received regarding the number of young members that decided to join this year.

She then asked that if anyone is due to become a full member, to please let her know. 25 people have applied to become full members this year and they should expect to receive details of a meeting in the first few days of the upcoming pilgrimage, detailing the process. Information will be circulated a few weeks prior to travel.

She also requested that all members please ensure that their contact details are up to date with her, as Tangney Tours who now print and mail the newsletter have had quite a few returned because of incorrect details. Dail reiterated a request to anyone who wishes to receive the newsletter via email, to please let her know, as this is a simple way for the Hospitalité to save money.

Dail then discussed the newsletter and thanked members for their input over the past year, as recent issues have received fantastic feedback. She asked for more ideas and items for upcoming newsletters, and asked that anyone who would like to discuss content, please contact her. Dail also made a plea to anyone with photos of their time in Lourdes and asked if they would be willing to allow her to use them in the newsletter. If anyone would like to share their photos for use, please contact her – copyright will be acknowledged.

Next, Dail outlined the results of the Elected Member election. Christopher Page was elected to replace Simon Gallop on the Council and Dail passed on Christopher’s thanks to all those who voted for him.

Chris Buller thanked Simon for all his hard work during his years of service on the Council.

Finally, Dail announced that due to unforeseen circumstances she has had to step down as Secretary. She revealed that Chris Talbot, another candidate for Elected Member, has agreed to take over the position and asked members to take the opportunity to speak to him as he was present.

Dail thanked all the members of the Hospitalité, the Council and the President, Chris Buller, for all their support over the last three years, and stated that she was very proud to be a member of the Hospitalité and she will continue to join the Pilgrimage.

Treasurer’s update: Hugh Parry presented the AGM with the Hospitalité Accounts.

Hugh explained that the report will be included in the next issue of the newsletter, but he circulated an accounts sheet of finances to those present.

Hugh announced that the fundraising led by Elected Members had not yet begun. He reiterated that volunteers to help with this will also be sought in the newsletter, and asked that people do not think of it in terms of amounts of money, but in terms of what that money is able to do.

The example of Nuala Mellows and Theresa Mahon was suggested – their efforts in speaking in their parish were very successful, and lastly, Hugh echoed Dail’s sentiments asking that anyone who wishes to help by receiving the newsletter via email, please let him know.

Lourdes 2014 review

Chris Buller thanked everyone for a successful year and handed over to Ciara Jackson and Matt Betts.

Ciara thanked everyone for their support in her first year.

Matt reported that the travel went well and said they were indebted to the flight team and Tangney Tours, however, he stated that more help with loading at airports is needed.

Matt explained that there were many successes during the week – leading the Torchlight Procession on Sunday worked well, as did scheduling the Grotto mass on the Wednesday, and reported that the Youth Service was once again successful. Matt and Ciara thanked the Trustees for funding the helpers’ party.

Ciara reported that there were changes made in the Accueil that worked very well, although the number of new helpers made it difficult to put teams together.

Matt thanked Chris Talbot for co-ordinating hotel wheelchairs.

Lourdes 2015

Chris Buller thanked Fr. Tony Lester, who has resigned as the Chaplain, for all his hard work in developing the role and announced that Fr. Nicholas King, SJ has agreed to act as his replacement

Chief Brancardier/Chief Handmaid

Matt Betts announced that his term as Chief Brancardier is ending this year and he will be replaced by Richard Hargreaves.

Richard will be shadowing the role during the pilgrimage week.

Ciara thanked Matt for all his hard work in the role over the past five years.

Matt and Ciara announced that changes have been made to the prep days – the days will now be solely aimed at brand new helpers to allow more time to talk to them and arrange DBS checking for new helpers, and also those who have not travelled with the pilgrimage for the past three years. Some experienced people will be asked to come and help.

In addition to the prep days, there will be a new event for team leaders and deputies to explain to them how things work and what is expected of them to ensure they are prepared for the week. It is hoped that this will take place in July once the teams are arranged.

The two prep days will take place on 7th June at Stonyhurst College and on 27th June in Walworth.

Sadie Vile stated that DBS forms for those who won’t be at a prep day but have and expired form will be arranged in other ways.

Chris Thorpe asked what themes will be covered during the prep days, particularly the event for team leaders and deputies.

Ciara outlined key themes as the Pilgrimage, Lourdes itself, a general overview of what we do in hotels and the Accueil and wheelchair training. She pointed out that there is a fine line between overloading and enough information to start work on arrival.

Chris Thorpe opined that such meetings should emphasise the idea of service.

Ciara agreed that is very important and stated that the team leader meeting should help to give emphasis on that, but then it is their responsibility to pass it on to helpers within their team. The idea of service will also be emphasised accordingly elsewhere.

Ciara noted that the number of helpers was reduced this year and asked if all could encourage anyone who may not have been for a while, to return.

Matt noted that we especially need people for the Piscines and to distribute tea and coffee.

Louise Child asked if team leaders could be told in advance of the team leaders meeting and Matt confirmed that this will happen so that team leaders will find out their roles earlier.

Matt then invited John Tangney to speak about travel.


John Tangney spoke at length about this year’s pilgrimage – he drew attention to leaflets he had brought along – and stated that reductions have not been possible as much due to fuel prices, although they try very hard.

It is hoped that some reductions will be available next year.

John noted that Ryanair is paid for by Lourdes airport to compete against Tangney Tours, but as it is paid for by high taxes and they will not take the sick or those with a disability, it is a problem.

He announced that 2016 will be the 40 year anniversary of Tangney Tours looking after the Catholic Association Pilgrimage, so next year, if anyone has been travelling with them for the 40 years they will be entitled to a 40% discount.

John encouraged members to book early and reported the following flight information:

Birmingham: midday flight
Stansted: there will be two flights, 10am and 11am, and the second flight will be the main sick flight
Southampton: 4pm flight and this is already popular, with 80 or 90 people already booked

John also apologised for the late departure of the Manchester flight last year.

Chief Nurse

Theresa Mahon reported that she sent applications forms to nurses a week ago and has already received 18 applications, which is very positive.

She is aiming for 30 nurses and is working hard to achieve that.

Chief Medical Officer

Nuala Mellows asked for more doctors and made a plea for more APs.

She stated that parishes are very supportive if we go to them and there are funds available to help financially if necessary, but we must make that personal approach.

Any other business

Nicole Gallop-Mildon announced that the Trustees have appointed a deputy leader of HCP – Steve Drake. Once he has completed a year in the post, a successor will be determined so that she and Simon Gallop can resign the post and Steve can take over as leader.

It was noted that there is a mistake in the pilgrimage brochure – a child aged 16 can still join HCP, but the brochure incorrectly states the age limit as 15.

Sadie Vile commented that the Young Helpers group will now accept helpers from age 16 after David and Judy Ball have spoken to other youth groups.

Recruitment will include 16 year olds but those people who are only 16 and new 17 year olds will follow a programme similar to that of other youth groups with no work in the Accueil or rolling, but David and Judy Ball have knowledge of alternative activities.

The large age range for the Youth Group has led David and Judy Ball to ask John Tangney if he can identify an alternative hotel for older helpers, as some in the older age group were not happy with a curfew and requested more independence.

The application process, accommodation and travel cost will remain the same, but accommodation will be different.

The Trustees have approved the idea.

Nicole Gallop-Mildon queried if there is a plan to identify the lower age group of Youth Helpers vs 16 year olds in HCP. Sadie Vile agreed to discuss with David and Judy Ball.

Matt Betts offered to contact the clothing supplier with regard to a polo shirt in a different colour if necessary.

Mary Wynne-Jones asked if anything could be done to identify helpers that can assist with tasks such as toilet trips in the underground Basilica. Ciara Jackson replied that this will be addressed at the team leader training day.

Sadie Vile commented that the Trustees have no firm views on the matter.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Future Pilgrimage Dates

The CA Pilgrimage Management committee have recently confirmed the following future Pilgrimage dates, as:

2015: 21 - 28 August
2016: 19 - 26 August
2017: 18 - 25 August
2018: 24 - 31 August

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Latest CA Newsletter

The latest edition of the CA Hospitalite newsletter is available, here:

This edition contains information about Elected Member candidates, as well as how you can vote, and details of the Hospitalité AGM 2015 with an attendance response form. It also includes Fr. Nicholas King's Medical Talk that he presented during the pilgrimage week, and a eulogy for Nell Atkin that he gave during our Hospitalité Service. A new helpers' fund, the Nell Atkin Fund, has been created in her memory and her son, Chris Atkin, has penned an article in this issue to explain it in detail.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Timetable 2014

For those who cannot be with us this year and like to follow our Pilgrimage through prayer and a webcam, our timetable is below. Webcam is available, here:

Catholic Association Pilgrimage
23 August 2014
2.00pm Gathering Mass – St Bernadette Church, Grotto side
8.15pm Youth Service – Lac de Lourdes

24 August 2014
9.30am International Mass – St Pius X Basilica
9.00pm Torchlight procession – All

25 August 2014
10.00am: Pilgrimage Mass – St Bernadette Church, Grotto side
11.15am: Pilgrimage photo
2.00pm: Penitential Service – St Pius X Basilica, far end
5.00pm: Blessed Sacrament Procession – All
8.30pm: Hospitalite  Service – St Joseph’s chapel

26 August 2014
Excursion day

27 August 2014
9.45am: Grotto Mass
11.15am: Prayers at the CA vault – Lourdes cemetery
2.30pm: Baths
4.30pm: Stations of the Cross (High)
5.00pm: Stations of the Cross (Low)

28 August 2014
10.00am: Anointing of the Sick - St Pius X Basilica, centre
1.30pm: Passage through the Grotto for Aps
2.00pm: Glanfield Mass – Children’s – St Bernadette church, Grotto side

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Congratulations to...

..Rupert and Insa Bell on the birth of their son, Oscar Bell. Oscar was born at 10am on 14 January in Munich

..JP and Emma Court on the birth of their daughter, Eden Court. Eden was born at 2.59am on 28 January in Norwich

..and to Matt and Terri Betts on the birth of their son, Joseph Betts. Joseph was born at 17.26 on 18 February 2014 in Cambridgeshire

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Update on the Piscines

by Simon Gallop

At the beginning of December, at the International Reunion of Hospitaliers in Lourdes, the Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, Mgr Brouwet, outlined the plans for the repair and development of the Sanctuary.  Following the damage caused by the floods of October 2012 and June 2013, it was necessary to spend a large sum of money to return the Sanctuaries to their original state.  The authorities have decided to take advantage of this forced expenditure, to try and improve the Sanctuary.  In addition, the area around the grotto will be refurbished, courtesy of a significant donation from an anonymous donor for this express purpose.

The first “casualty” of the floods is Project Siloe, the relocation of the baths to the Prairie, proposed by the last Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, Mgr Perrier.  Initially it had been put on hold for two years, so that the new bishop could get a better understanding of the baths.  Now it is to be cancelled.

The thinking behind the proposed changes is twofold.  The first aim is to try and bring back the silence and reverence to the grotto.  Currently there is too much going on next to the grotto, with the taps and candles, the main route to the baths, which is spilling over and disturbing people who want to pray.  The second aim is to return to the message of Our Lady, to wash in the spring.  This does not mean the end to the baths, but improving the other ways of fulfilling this message.

The simplest way to picture the changes is to go on a walk starting at the statue of the Crowned Virgin and following the route that we take when we process as the CA to the grotto mass. 

The first noticeable change is when we approach the arches to the right of the Rosary basilica.  Anything relating to merchandise will be remove: the vending machines for the medals, the sale of candles and water bottles.  In addition the taps will also be moved as currently this is loud and busy .  The area with trees just before the grotto will now be extended up to the arches.  This is to help absorb the noise and to create a sense of calm before entering the grotto.

The area on the other side of the grotto, between the grotto and the baths, will see a lot of changes.  The candle burners will be removed, apart from the holders for the large pilgrimage candles, which will stay close to the grotto.  The building behind it which currently stores part burnt candles that are then burnt during the winter will become a second sacristy for the grotto.  The current sacristy for the grotto was designed pre Vatican II and was therefore intended for only one celebrant.  With the large number of concelebrants there is a need for more space.  There will be a footpath from the new sacristy to the grotto, hidden by a hedgerow. 

Where the candles are currently burnt, will be the new taps.  These taps will be designed for people wanting to wash their face and to drink from.  Bottle filling, jerry can filling etc will be barred from this area. The design is still under discussion, but it is likely that some sort of pool or bowl arrangement will be put in place.  There are plans to have chaplains and/or HNDL members at this new place to help pilgrims understand the message of bathing from Our Lady.

This leads us on to the baths.  The waiting area and awning is likely to be changed, but otherwise the existing building will remain with the baths as we know it.

A major problem in keeping the grotto area silent, is the traffic to and from the baths.  There is a bridge at the far end, by the Statue of St Margaret of Scotland, but this is rarely used.  To help remove passing traffic from the grotto, a new bridge will be built.  This will be in front of the current candles area to the prairie.  On the prairie side will be the new area for candles as well as the taps for people to fill their containers to take home with them.

As we come back from the prairie towards the Accueil, the main double bridge which was badly damaged will be repaired.  Again, to reduce the traffic of pilgrimages in the Accueil wanting to cross for a service in one of the basilicas, there will be a second new bridge.  This one will go from the middle of the Accueil, in front of the fountain, to the edge of the old Accueil  (foot of the ramps surrounding the rosary basilica square), back to where we started our journey, by the statue of the Crowned Virgin.

These changes will happen over the next few years, so don’t expect it all to be in place this year, though the new bridge from the Accueil is already there!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Congratulations to..

Nicholas and Live Tangney on the birth of their son, Henrik Olav, born on 19 September.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Nell Atkin

Please pray for Nell Atkin, a great stalwart of Lourdes, former president of the Hospitalite, former councillor of HNDL, who passed away last Friday after a long illness. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. (Photo is of Helen Carroll, Nell and our Chief Brancardier, Matt Betts).

Funeral arrangements: 
Nell's funeral is set for Thursday 12 September, at 12 midday, at Cheddar Catholic church. The family would like to receive your memories and photos of Nell, please visit for more information.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

CA Pilgrimage Timetable - 2013

If you are unable to attend our Pilgrimage this year, please keep us in your prayers and do join us during the processions and Grotto Mass via the Lourdes webcam. Our Pilgrimage timetable is below:

  9.00 am: Walking tour of the town
10.00 am and 10.45 am: Helpers’ welcome meetings - Accueil Notre Dame
  2.00 pm: Gathering Mass - St Bernadette Church (Grotto side)

  9.30 am: International Mass - Basilica of St Pius X
  8.15 pm: Young Helpers’ Service - Lac de Lourdes (all young helpers welcome)

  9.15 am: Assemble at the statue of the Crowned Virgin to process to the Grotto for Mass at 9.45 am
11.00 am: Pilgrimage photo (including the Hospitalité and Young Helpers’ photos)
  2.00 pm: Penitential Liturgy - St Bernadette Church (Carmel side)
8.30 pm: Hospitalité Service - St Joseph’s Chapel

TUESDAY, 27 AUGUST - Excursion Day
  8.00 am: Mass for Northampton Diocese (St Joseph’s Chapel)
  9.00 am: Mass for East Anglia Diocese (St Joseph’s Chapel)
  9.00 am: Mass for Stonyhurst Pilgrimage (Accueil Saint Frai Lower Chapel)
  9.00 am: Mass for British Carmelite Pilgrimage (St John Vianney Chapel)
  9.00 am: Mass for Southwark and CA (Notre Dame Chapel)
  9.00 am: Mass for Portsmouth Diocese (Mgr Théas Chapel)
11.00 am: Mass for Clifton Diocese (Bartrès)

  9.00 am: Prayers with the Assisted Pilgrims at the Baths
  1.15 pm: Prayers at the CA vault, Lourdes Cemetery
  2.00 pm: Stations of the Cross (High Stations). Unsuitable for wheelchairs.
  2.30 pm: Stations of the Cross (Prairie)
  4.00 pm: Mass organised by Glanfield - Rosary Basilica

  8.30 am: Liturgy with Anointing of the Sick - St Bernadette Church (Carmel side)
10.30 am: Doctor’s talk on Lourdes medical aspects - Accueil John Paul II, 1st floor
  1.15 pm: Passage through the Grotto for Assisted Pilgrims, followed by...
  2.00 pm: Thanksgiving Mass - St Pius X Basilica (Far end)

  8.00 am: Mass - St Joseph’s Church *

*Mass for those pilgrims whose travel arrangements make it possible