Monday 29 August 2005

Congratulations to...

...Helen Carroll who received a Benemerenti in Lourdes this year. There was an audible gasp in the packed Hospitalité Service this year, in the Chapelle St Pierre (Acceuil Notre Dame), when Bishop Crispian Hollis announced a Papal Award for Helen Carroll, and a great burst of applause when he gave her the medal and scroll, Benemerenti.

The Bishop, our Patron, referred to her impressive service in and concerning Lourdes: 50 years a handmaid with the CA, 20 of which as Deputy Chief Handmaid; a spell on the Executive Committee and then a Trustee of the CA; about the same time with Leeds Pilgrimage as with us, including 30 years as their Chief Handmaid; a devoted member of the St Frai branch of the Hospitalité NDL (for over 40 years) and a councillor there for 10 years.

A story of consistent service to the sick. Well done, Helen.
(David Lewis)

Helen Carroll wrote:
I would like to say a very big “Thank You” for all the kind letters, cards, phone calls, I received following my presentation of the Benemerenti in Lourdes. These are truly appreciated and I keep everyone in my prayers.

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