Monday 22 February 2010

AGM 2010

At the recent AGM for the Catholic Association, a number of announcements were made:

Colette Sharrock, Hospitalite President, will be standing down after Lourdes 2010. Nimal Hemelge, Hospitalite Secretary thanked Colette for her stirling work over the last few years - a great example to us all. It was announced that Chris Buller would be taking on the role as President from September 2010.

The two new Elected Members were also announced. They will be David Ball (for three years) and Vicki Gale (for two years). Nimal Hemelge, Hospitalite Secretary, thanked Martine O'Meara who was standing down at the AGM for her six years of service. He also thanked James, Jane and Andrew for putting their names forward for the election.

Finally, the President, Colette Sharrock, announced that Matt Betts will succeed Rupert Bell as Chief Brancardier from October 2010.

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