Friday 1 October 2010

Welcome to...

...the following new full and ordinary members of the Catholic Association Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes. All the below joined during our Lourdes Pilgrimage 2010 and were welcomed to the Hospitalité by their Head of Service, the President and Patron of the Hospitalité.

Richard Arundell
Maria Bertenshaw
Aimee Dangalan
Jim Dujardin
Marivic Fabiculana
Izzie Fernandes
Steve Gill
Frances Hicks
Aran Houlihan-Burne
John Jackson
Christine Lees
Shaun Mahon
Paul Mallabone
Edward Martin
Nuala Mellows
Anna Moore
Paola Moretti
Patrick Noble
Jessica Norton
John Robbins
Christina Santiago
Sarah Sheppard
Sarah Jane Ward

Roseanne Allen
Ann Barry
Caroline Blaazer
Louise Child
Shelley Foreman
Mary Hamilton
Catherine Hobday
Chantal Hobday
Mary Lycett
Ciara Mellows
Mary Okeke
Patrick Page
James Silsbury

Applications are still open for people to join the CA Hospitalité and the form can be downloaded from here. and must be submitted to him or her by 1st January of the following year (2011), having first been signed by a Head of Service. For this purpose, Heads of Service are defined as: Chief Brancardier, Chief Handmaid, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nurse, and leader(s) Glanfield Children's Group. Other helpers on the pilgrimage not directly in these services (such as clergy) should have their forms signed by the President of the Hospitalité. Further information on the Hospitalité can be seen here.

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