Monday 12 March 2012

Lance Thwaytes

Lancelot Henry Thwaytes died aged 86 on 26th February while visiting his son John Paul for a holiday in France.

Lance has been visiting all his five children regularly at their homes in Switzerland, France and Scotland respectively since they all lead busy lives and do not have much time to visit him in Appleby.  Lance's funeral will be Friday 16th March at 11.00am at Our Lady of Appleby Church .

Lance first went to Lourdes in 1948 - then in 1955/56 he joined the Catholic Association Pilgrimage and was a brancardier under Peter Crane and then Pat Tombe.  He brought his fiance Fiona to Lourdes in 1958 and she came a few times with him in the early days of their marriage but she was not so keen on Lourdes as Lance so he came and worked as a Branc when he could.

After Fiona died in 2004 he again came to Lourdes and was last on pilgrimage with the CA last August when we three all stayed together in the Padoue Hotel and had a very good week together. 

Both Michael and I will miss him and his particular form of humour greatly. We had planned to be in Lourdes again together this coming August but the Lord has had other plans for him!

May he Rest in Peace and rise in glory..

Ann Whitehead

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