Wednesday 5 January 2011


As you will have seen in the newsletter and in Lourdes, Andy Joyce has served his full term, and his position is up for reelection.

Three Hospitalité members have been nominated and are canvassing for your vote.

Andy Joyce
Nominated by Antony Lester and Sue Woodford.

I have been an elected member of the Council for a number of years now and have enjoyed it immensely. I wish to re-stand for election because I believe that I can build upon the work that we have already achieved and continue to promote the message of Lourdes and the Hospitalité.

My time on the Council has been enjoyable. I have helped a number of the Heads of Service over the years, and have been involved in a couple of the Preparation Days too. I find all of this rewarding and so by standing for re-election I hope that you will allow me to continue the work that I have so much enjoyed and appreciated.

Mary Lycett
Nominated by John Cribbin and Rachel Easton

Lourdes 2011 will be my sixth consecutive year with the CA, volunteering as a handmaid, and since last year, as a nurse aid.

I come with the Stonyhurst Group and have partaken in Accueil care and hotel rolling, night duties and in 2009 I was deputy team leader with James Silsbury.

Back in the UK, I have been very fortunate in obtaining a degree from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, after partaking in my first professional show aged 13 and first professional opera aged 17.

I am now undertaking a degree in Nursing at Cardiff University and am currently in my second year. It is from my experiences in Lourdes that changed my profession, and I owe it all to the fantastic people I have met in the CA and Hospitalité.

As an elected member, I hope to further the good work of the Hospitalité by being proactive rather than just reactive, assisting the Heads of Service, to take the time to listen to people and in doing so, give people the best service I can.

Dail Maudsley
Nominated by Patrick Noble and Matthew Sharrock

This year’s Pilgrimage was my seventh trip to Lourdes. For the past four years I have worked with the Glanfield Children’s Group and I was previously a member of the Stonyhurst group for three consecutive years.

Throughout this time I have held various roles and have been involved in both rolling and working in the Accueil as a handmaid, as well as acting as a carer for children with disabilities whilst working with Glanfield.

For me, my first journey to Lourdes was a life-changing experience. It has led to my involvement in more than just the Pilgrimage each year and amongst other things I am a member of the CA web-team, I attend the AGM and help to organise various fundraising events for the CA and Glanfield Children’s Group – a black tie ball and two cycle rides from London to Lourdes to name just two.

It is the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet in Lourdes that inspire me to return each year. Some of my greatest friendships have been forged during the hard work involved and I’m proud to be able to help support that work as well as to be part of it.

In the ‘real’ world I continue the charity theme and work as Managing Editor for the Royal College of Physicians as well as planning and organising the various charity fundraising events I am involved with throughout the year.

I would like to increase my involvement with the CA and believe that by working with Heads of Service throughout the year as well as in Lourdes, and using my experiences in the Accueil as well as the Glanfield Children’s Group, as an Elected Member I can enhance working relationships and have a significant impact, bringing those within the CA closer together.

If you would like to come to the AGM and vote for one of the above candidates, please email:
If you email your attendance and vote, payment for lunch needs to be provided at the AGM. Please send your vote and notification of attendance by 31 January 2011. Only Hospitalité can vote in this election.

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