Friday 27 January 2012

2012 CA changes

News from the Catholic Association Trustees

New appointments to the Pilgrimage Management Team

Chief Nurse

As advised in the recent Hospitalité Newsletter, Rachel Easton has been confirmed as Chief Nurse and will be in this role for the 2012 pilgrimage. If you know any nurses who are interested in joining the Pilgrimage, please pass them Rachel's contact details -

Chaplain to the Sick & CA Hospitalité

The newsletter also contained the news of the appointment of Fr Antony Lester, O.Carm as Chaplain to the Sick and to the Hospitalité.

Young Helpers’ Group Leaders

Shortly before Christmas, Becky Banfield regretfully informed the Trustees that she was unable to take on the role of Leader of the Young Helpers Group. Luckily David and Judy Ball, who live in Norwich, are prepared to take on this major pilgrimage responsibility.

David and Judy are well known to the Pilgrimage, and have been coming to Lourdes as a family for many years. Judy has been the Director of Music in Lourdes for the past few years, and David has been an elected member of the Hospitalité Council since 2010 and was deputy of the ceremonies team in 2011. They can be contacted by email using or by phone on 01603 456627.

Tangney Tours were very flexible, and held back from printing the Pilgrimage Brochure while these arrangements were finalised. Those of you who travel with Tangney Tours should receive the CA Pilgrimage brochure and booking form in the next few days.

Music Group

Before they knew about this new role, Judy had already advised the CA Trustees that she wanted to step down as Director of Music after the 2012 pilgrimage. This role will be taken by Catherine Christmas of Portsmouth Diocese, who has been part of the music group for several years. She will work closely with Judy during 2012 to enable a smooth transition, and take overall responsibility from the end of the year.

East Anglia Diocesan Director

And finally - Ian Hatfield stepped down as East Anglia Diocesan Director at the end of the 2011 Pilgrimage. This role will now be taken by two Suffolk based deacons as a job-share. During the year, supporting publicity, recruitment etc, the main responsibility will be with Rev Alan McMahon who lives in Bury St Edmunds, phone 01284 756324. In Lourdes, the group will be led by Rev Clive Brooks who lives in East Bergholt. They can both be contacted at:

Contact details for all members of the management team can be found here.

The Trustees would like to thank all these people who are volunteering their time to organise various aspects of the Pilgrimage, and we welcome them all to the management team.

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