Wednesday 8 February 2012

East Anglia

Message from Fr David Bagstaff

The process of appointment [of a new Bishop] will involve discernment of the present needs of the Church in East Anglia, so that we may be an ever more effective channel of God's love and grace for all the people who live in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Central to this discernment is prayer: prayer for the Diocese, prayer for those charged with its care during the period without a bishop, prayer for those involved in the choice of a new bishop. Please use the prayer below in your own daily prayer, that the Holy Spirit guide us all to know the Father's will.

Eternal God, shepherd and guide,
in your mercy give your Church in East Anglia
a shepherd after your own heart
who will watch over your people with loving care;
a leader of vision and a teacher of your truth
who will inspire young and old alike.
So may your Church be built up,
your Gospel heard,
and your name be glorified.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Lady of Walsingham - pray for us!
St. Felix - pray for us!
St. Edmund, King & Martyr - pray for us!
St. Etheldreda - pray for us!

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