Wednesday 11 July 2012

New Portsmouth Bishop Announced

Shrewsbury vicar general appointed as new Bishop of Portsmouth. 
From Bishop Crispian Hollis:
Our New Bishop
Dear Brothers,
I am delighted to be able to give you the news that my successor has been appointed by the Holy See.
Mgr Philip Egan’s appointment to become the 8th Bishop of Portsmouth will be formally announced in Rome and here on Wednesday July 11th.
Needless to say, I warmly welcome this appointment for which we have been waiting a long time and I know that Bishop Philip will be very quickly made welcome in your midst as your diocesan bishop.
It looks at the moment as if his ordination will take place in the last week of September but as soon as there is a precise date and time, I will let you know. It is certainly very important that he is in post in time for the two overnight meetings with Fr Gerry O’Collins SJ. Those meetings (Oct 3rd/4th and Oct 9th/10th) were specifically planned for our inauguration of the Year of Faith and for that early and vital meeting between our new Bishop and the clergy.
Please note that as from Thursday, the prayer for the Bishop in the Eucharistic Prayer should be “…for Crispian, our Apostolic Administrator and Philip, our Bishop-elect…”
I can’t end this short note of joy without once again thanking you for all the love and patience you have shown me over the years and, in particular, in the last year when I have been ill.
With my blessings and prayers,

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